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New Blog with Octopress

Well, this is embarrassing. A few weeks ago I decided to change things up a bit on my server, move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux, reconfigure a few things and do some clean-up. Well, apparently past Chris decided it would be a grand idea to forget to copy over my back-up files to a disk that wasn’t about to be blown away… How awakward.

I thought to use photorec and try to recover my missing data. The only data I really cared about was my old Wordpress blog database, and the custom theme I made. But I decided it might just be better to start anew. In a short Twitter exchange, WiK (@jamiefilson) suggested I take a look at Octopress. After delving into the Octopress documentation, I decided to give it a go. Now I’m using Octopress and Github Pages for this blog, and hopefully I’ll actually pay more attention to actually putting up some content.

So here I am. I’ll get around to putting up more posts and create a theme of my own in the next coming weeks. I guess we’ll see what happens!