I am Chris Higgins

Application Developer, Server Administrator, Masters Student, Security Enthusiast

about me

I am an application developer and server administrator for the College of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University, as well as a Masters student studying IT security and networking. Currently I’m interested in VoIP technologies and security, reverse engineering, exploit development, and secure web programming.

You can follow me on Twitter @ch1gg1ns, on GitHub, or you can find me on FreeNode as chiggins usually lurking in #isusec or #vulnhub.

BSides Chicago 2014 CTF – Cleaning Product Request

At BSides Chicago 2014 this weekend I participated in the Tricity BSJTF CTF with team Penguins. One of the challenges that caused me the most rage and an epic face-palm once I figured it out was the “Cleaning Product Request” easy web challenge. Yes, I know, it was an “easy” challenge. I was just over thinking it and kept beating my head against the wall.

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My First Shellcode

Lately I’ve been wanting to explore some of what I call the “black magic” of infosec, reverse engineering and shellcoding. Whenever I see some posting or article that comes out on this I always become curious and bewildered at what I’m looking at because I just don’t understand it. On Twitter I’ve been seeing @SecurityTube advertise their x86_64 Assembly and Shellcoding on Linux video course, so I decided to drop some money and learn what I can from it. I’ve yet to fully finish it, but more on that later.

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New Blog With Octopress

Well, this is embarrassing. A few weeks ago I decided to change things up a bit on my server, move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux, reconfigure a few things and do some clean-up. Well, apparently past Chris decided it would be a grand idea to forget to copy over my back-up files to a disk that wasn’t about to be blown away… How awakward.

I thought to use photorec and try to recover my missing data. The only data I really cared about was my old Wordpress blog database, and the custom theme I made. But I decided it might just be better to start anew. In a short Twitter exchange, WiK (@jamiefilson) suggested I take a look at Octopress. After delving into the Octopress documentation, I decided to give it a go. Now I’m using Octopress and Github Pages for this blog, and hopefully I’ll actually pay more attention to actually putting up some content.

So here I am. I’ll get around to putting up more posts and create a theme of my own in the next coming weeks. I guess we’ll see what happens!

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Google Cloud Messaging Through PHP

A few weeks ago I ran into an article on how to use Google Cloud Messaging with the .NET Framework. That got me thinking, and I wanted to give it a shot in PHP, it couldn’t be too bad right? So, here’s just some simple code on crafting the POST request to send to a specified Android device. All you need to do is supply your own various IDs from Google and whatever Android device you want to send to (as long as it’s registered) and you’re all set. Take a look at my code:

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