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Hello! I'm Chris Higgins, M.S., OSCP, and this is my website where I'll attempt to post useful bits of what I'm working on or whatever.

I am an application developer and server administrator for the College of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University. Currently I’m interested in malware analysis, reverse engineering, exploit development, penetration testing, and secure web programming.

You can follow me on Twitter @ch1gg1ns, on GitHub, or you can find me on FreeNode as chiggins usually lurking in #isusec or #vulnhub.

Recent Posts

2016 Update

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I really should get better about posting more than once a year, but everyone says that. Maybe now that I’m done taking classes, I’ll be able to focus on more stuff I want to do and post some of my more interesting findings here. Master of Science So my biggest and most recent update is that I’ve finally acquired my Master of Science degree from Illinois State University with a focus on Network and Security Management. Read More...


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Here’s a list of contributions that I’ve made to various websites or projects. PCMAN FTP Server Buffer Overflow - PUT Command Metasploit exploit Reads data from /etc/passwd to /tmp/outfile shellcode for x86-64 Linux

Hey, I did the OSCP!

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So over the past handful of months I’ve been taking some time and worked on the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux training, which in turn I took the Offensive Security Certified Professional exam! It took a while for me to be able to work through all the training, but as of April 27th, 2015, I am OSCP certified! The Training Towards the end of last summer I was able to start the training course, and had two months of lab time. Read More...